Why You’ll Regret Losing the Woman Who Waited for You to Get Your Sh*t Together

These days it seems harder than ever to find a real woman that cares for you and loves you. However, you know that unwritten rule, soon as you find your perfect match, then that means you are not good enough.

Well with that being said, it is best to make a good strategy, how to keep this woman and avoid any big future regrets.

You should do everything you can to get your shi*t straight before she realizes how much better her life truly is without you in it.

Eventually, she will notice that you’re not worth her tears.

You can’t change after she’s reached her breaking point and expect her to still take you back, she isn’t going to give her freedom up for another possible mistake.
It is extremely important to leave the women from the past that brought you suffering and nothing more but a short term pleasure. Focus on the women that was always there for you even when you didn’t even deserve it.

Sooner or later in life you will find out that if you don’t answer this question on time, then you will greatly suffer in life.

It will be in those difficult moments when you are struggling with a new lover who cannot accept your shadows and love you anyway that you will realize the value of the woman who once did without you having to ask her to.

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